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Qingyun pre Office told China

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 project is not implemented, it will directly affect the realization of 2020 '6 m depth to Anqing' planning goals ...... also the relationship to the next step, after the Wuhan to Anqing section 6 meters depth implementation of the project, 5,000-ton ship can pass to Wuhan. "Yangtze River Waterway Bureau Li Qingyun pre Office told China Youth Daily reporter. Anqing reach two shallow depth in the middle, like a bottleneck like the boat stopped at the two ends. For the need of economic development for the local government, this vital waterway.It is prec  nike air max 90 hyperfuse saleisely in the Anhui section of the river, the highest density of porpoises. According to reports, where the concentration of about 200 porpoises, accounting for nearly 40 percent of the Yangtze River finless porpoise numbers. "Because in the past the slow pace of regional economic development, and there is a wealth of lakes and tributaries distribution could become a haven for porpoises at a critical time." Participated in the 2012 Yangtze freshwater dolphin expedition Newbridge Zhang told reporters.Several interviewed experts believe dolphins, porpoises wading threat to the survival of the project is permanent, on the one hand

, changes in the hydrological conditions can cause degradation of fisheries resources, and a direct result of the shortage of food resources porpoises, on the other hand, the finless porpoise often like to have a canal, where there are potholes litter, but in Channel Improvement Project, commonly used stones, concrete, reinforced high-strength materials marshland, slope and other hardening coverage, which will directly destroy breeding porpoises habitat.After construction is completed, followed by intensive porpoises shipping will bring more immediate threat. Newbridge Zhang told reporters, when the dry season the water narrows, porpoises always need water to breathe and often pushed boats go, shipping has thus become the most direct killer. Entitled "keep smiling porpoise" public service advertising there is such a picture: a small porpoise talking about the "I like the Yangtze River, I would like my mother," a hit on the propeller.Tang Wen Joe Fish Research Office Shanghai Ocean University, told reporters, not without regret, an nike air max 1 cheapd now, the finless porpoise has been forced to adapt to the boat more and more cases, more and more wary of humans, "It is a very intelligent

creatures, not will follow the ship ran so stupid. "These intelligent mammals sometimes hide in the bunker left of construction, however, when the water level dropped, but some late migration of porpoises and therefore trapped in the pit, dry out and die, have occurred starvation situation.1985 graduation came into contact with porpoises in Daoping remember over the years, many aquatic experts have access to protected areas for wading raised objections to the project, the results tend to get a response, "that ah, this is the national dnike lunar hyperdunk 2014 cheapevelopment, is the trend ah. "In a sense, the finless porpoise has been forced on the desperate human beings. Zhang Newbridge impression, with deteriorating living environment, the number of finless porpoise has gradually from 1990 to 3600, down to 2006, 1800, and in 2012 when he participated in the Yangtze river dolphin expedition, Yangtze whole porpoise populations remaining 1040, "could 10 years, the Yangtze finless porpoise which would disappear."As the only Yangtze River freshwater mammals, porpoises years been regarded as the flagship species of the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River ecosystem health gauge, "This is a red line, the

some luxurious home in the photo

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 details of the dismissed 20 police officers, including a police officer is not allowed because of peer friends together for a free ride and ticket inspector were racist verbal assault, other officers are mostly Because racial remarks published on social media or SMS sacked.Senior police officers association will strive to have the words and deeds of racial discrimination cleared out the police force. CNR network Yancheng December 30, according to Voice of China "peak evening news" reports, Yancheng a major car rental company's marketing manager, Liu Yanan, recently on the micro-letter met a "big boss", although never met, Liu Yanan but then the other side of the economic strength of conviction. As a result, the boss claiming business in Italy, often sent to Liu Yanan some luxurious home in the photo, two, once the owner of a phone call to Liu Yanan, display phone numbers, even numbers are 8, Liu Yanan had ne  nike air max 2014 womens  ver seen such a cow numbers.Chatted for a period of time, the "big boss" to Liu Yanan proposed to car hire. To say that a child's birthday recently, to Swing scene, let the children showing up. After some deliberation, Liu Yanan to the company mobilized eight luxury

cars, and is equipped with a driver, in accordance with the requirements of the other party, parked in front of the school, a middle school in Yancheng, each luxury cars are worth over a million, lined Pai is very impressive.But when the end of the car rental, etc. Liu Yanan think to contact the "big boss" at checkout, they found could not get through, the micro-channel is not back. Liu Yanan may feel cheated.Such as police intervention, this opened the puzzle, who had the "big boss" is just a 13-year-old junior high school, birthday that day car rental, as is in good Xianbaixianbai former classmates. And that shocked even the No. 8 Liu Yanan phone number, is a child with a phone number changing software tampering fake numbers.Just on the first day of a child, and spent so much mind set a scam, the cause is classmates birthday, will compare with each other, who would that be, in the children's heart planted the seeds of  nike air max 2015 womens the comparisons it  Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) in 2014 on the last day and evening peak driving on the bypass line Chang'an Avenue bar. According to the Traffic Management Bureau issued a traffic warning is expected today 17:00 to 20:00, Chang'an

 Avenue, adjacent to the street outside the building and the road would be more congestion, bypass optional front three, Guangdong and Guangxi Road.In addition, there are several malls evening activities organized by the New Year countdown, Traffic Management Bureau recommends going to the "Countdown," the public is best to take the subway or bus.Today is expected to be early evening peakBeijing Traffic Management Bureau issued warnings before the holiday traffic, because some units and school holidays in advance, is expected to peak in nike air max hyperposite cheap the evening of December 31 will advance, but may be due to meetings, shopping and other activities elongated secondary peak is expected to occur after 10 pm .Because some of the district's many activities along the Chang'an Avenue, 17:00 to 20:00, this area is relatively large traffic pressure on the street outside the building Fuxing Road and adjacent roads, etc. will also be some impact.In addition, large-scale performances tonight, and all kinds of celebrations Regional Workers, Sanlitun, Blue Harbour, The Place, Wudaokou, Olympic centers mostly around the relatively limited parking, people are advised to take public transport as much

feeling of soreness soreness

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 artifact" of the people, the scene had tried a little, and she instantly became a double-fold, but two minutes later wearing a reaction appeared unwell.Public: I watch Taobao this evaluation was quite good, the price is not very high, more than 50 dollars, and then come back to buy a try. May be the first to wear it, I just like to wear two or three minutes, I felt that place pressure on the eyelids are nylon rope on the feel of a feeling of soreness soreness, feel very tired, but the eyes have been a little water , feeling tears flow, anyway, is not too comfortable.As the saying  nike air max thea womens  goes: heart of beauty in everyone. For this without surgery, no medication, and relatively inexpensive, "eyelid artifact" also attracted the attention of a large number of female users. Many girls are eager.Girl: in line to see this "double eyelid artifact", that particular novel, the price is not high, there is no harm to the body, it is more interested in buy to try.Although many people expressed interest in "double eyelid exerciser," but there are users worry glasses have side effects.User: I think it is unlikely, I feel a few bucks something special touch. You think about it, everyone's eyes

 he looks quite the same, then that might stretch thin eyelids stretch can become an eyelid, but said that if he particularly thick eyelids, then, is the kind of fat particularly thick, swollen upper eyelid, and how may become eyelid, it should be impossible without surgery.Anhui Huainan a hospital ophthalmologist, said the so-called "double eyelid glasses", posted with the principle is the same eyes. Its principle is very simple to make by pressing the upper eyelid wrinkles, so as to achieve the effect of eyelid folds change. However, this appearance is only temporary, over time, turn will be restored to their original, if worn for a long time, will certainly damage the eyelid skin. Doctor's advice, not long-term wear glasses, long oppressed eye cornea would cause discomfort; if not pay attention to wear, but also may cause mechanical damage to the cornea.Doctor: It is oppression, oppression of the eye, causing it to refractive, corneal refractive changes, astigmatism. Foreign body sensation beginning to wear will certainly feel unco nike hyperdunk 2011 onlinemfortable. There is some people will not be on this material allergy, infection, caused by eyelid edema, congestion, and some will be more

severe erosion.Recently heard a news, there is a small yellow Chengdu girl, two years ago in a "beauty slimming" agency spent over 10,000 yuan to lose weight, but cause skin lesions, suffering from vitiligo, two years did not cure! Forensic identification, this is associated with significant weight loss. New Year back home, we are going to the United States and the United States, but the premise is to science, safety. Again just like talking on a journey, we often like the premise happy home, is safe. People LONDON, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) According to the British Information Disclosure Act to apply for public disclosure of information, in the past five years, a total of nearly 800 British police complaint of racial discrimination has not been dismissed, but the words and deeds, annike lunar hyperdunk 2014 sale  d is responsible for helping the police to improve police work The senior police officer said the police association would generally advise against racial discrimination and warnings.According to the BBC, there are more than 6600 complaints by police since 2010, of which about 800 have been identified racial behavior, but only 20 people were laid off.Information is disclosed violations also include

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